“I Knew I Had To Do Something to Shock Him” —Mom Calls Police on 10-Yr-old Son, Teaches Lesson in Tough Love

Sean’s Arrest

After visiting the police department, Hill returned home, ready to enact her plan. She explained to Sean that he was going to be arrested for his behavior and the way he’d been disrespectful in school. According to Hill, it didn’t make an impact at first.

She explained that he “didn’t believe me…When they showed up at the door, that’s when it hit him.”

Two police pulled up to their home, and came up to Sean. He was shocked. They explained to Sean that they were arresting him due to his disrespectful and inappropriate behavior at school.

Fox Business discussed if this practice was a good idea:

Of the event, Hill said, “the two officers tried to make it look ‘real’ and did their best. He actually thought that he was going to the jail.”

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Sean was handcuffed by the police officers and taken to the police car. They put him inside where he stayed for less than five minutes.

While he was in the car, the police officers talked to him about his behavior. They asked if he was sorry for his disrespectful behavior, and discussed with him the importance of him behaving well both at school and at home with his mother.

Sean promised to change his behavior, and then the cops let him go.

“They told him they would let him go if he promised that he would behave like a good boy,” Hill said.

He ran back to his mom crying and shaking, according to Hill. She said he “gave me the biggest hug and said, ‘I’ll never do it again.’”

And apparently, it made the impression she was hoping for. Hill shared, “I was trying to get the point across to my son; if you want to be disrespectful and you want to be rude, this is what happens when bad people do bad things.”

This idea of a fake arrest wasn’t a new idea, either. According to this video, there is an app that was created by a police officer that allows parents to “call the police” on their children. “Sergent Friendly” picks up, and the parents have different options from there, depending on what the child’s behavior was. There’s even an option for a call-back if the child behaves well. That said, it sounds a bit cheesy; so it probably wouldn’t work unless the child is quite young.

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