“I Knew I Had To Do Something to Shock Him” —Mom Calls Police on 10-Yr-old Son, Teaches Lesson in Tough Love

Meet Chiquita Hill, the Columbus, Georgia mom who takes her child’s misbehavior seriously, and enacts tough confidence. This mom called the police on her son to teach him a lesson.

Exactly Why the Mom Called the Police on Her Son

Last month, 10-year-old Sean was in for a surprise from his 33-year-old single mother, Chiquita Hill. Although this surprise was planned out of love, it would not be a happy surprise for Sean. This mom called the police on her son.

It all started one day when Sean’s teacher paid a visit to Hill’s home. Sean’s classroom teacher explained to Hill that she had seen a disrespectful attitude developing in the 10-year-old boy. The teacher said he had been disrespectful to multiple teachers, as well as to the kids in his class. The teacher was concerned about his misbehavior in school, and she explained that Sean had brushed her off whenever she’d talked to him about not paying attention during lessons.

That visit and conversation with Sean’s teacher concerned and upset her, and she made a plan. The mom called the police on her son.

Hill explained, “I knew I had to do something to shock him.”

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Thinking about his future, and hoping to redirect her son’s behavior, Hill called got in touch with the Columbus, Georgia Police Department. She explained to an officer what the teacher had told her, as well as her concerns for his future. She shared that she is a single mom, and she needed some help to nip this problem in the bud.

Hill wasn’t sure whether the police would help her, given the nature of her idea. But after they heard about his entire situation, they decided to work with her on the plan, and use it to encourage Sean to take responsibility for his behavior. According to Hill, they understood where she was coming from and wanted to help her.

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