Mom Uses Facebook’s “Buy, Sell, Trade” Group to Devise Genius Punishment for Rebellious Son

Demetris Payne is a single mother who was at a loss for what to do to get through to her son.

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Her son had created a habit out of getting into trouble, and grounding him from things like his phone or video games hadn’t proven to work. Demetris even tried having her son do manual labor in their yard, but to no avail.

At her wit’s end, Demetris found herself questioning, “‘What else can I do to get his attention?’ To reach him at his level and get him to change his direction?” She found her solution in her local “buy, sell, trade” group on Facebook.

In an effort to teach her son discipline while also helping others in the community, Demetris posted an add on the page, offering for her son to perform free yard work to anyone who needs it.

Demetris Payne

“So far, he has helped a member of the elderly in her yard and he’s excited about feeding the homeless this coming Saturday. It has been a good learning experience because he is building good work skills, he’s learning to help others, and to be respectful. He’s also learning it’s OK to make a bad decision if you learn from it and make better choices.”

Demetris Payne

The transformation she’s seen in her son is incredible. Demetris says she’s proud of the way serving others has helped build character and make her son more confident in helping others.

“As a single mother, it has been beyond encouraging to see his growth. I am so grateful.”

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