Mom Pranks Daughter With “Pregnant Turkey,” And Her Reaction Is Totally Hysterical


Would it really be Thanksgiving without some good ol’ family shenanigans? Nerissa Hawkinson didn’t think so.

This hilarious mom decided to prank her daughter like a BOSS with an epic “pregnant turkey” joke that has now racked up over 15 million views on YouTube. To give you a little background on the hilarity that is to ensue, Nerissa put a Cornish hen inside the turkey — a yummy addition if you know what’s coming at ya, but a rather horrifying one if you think it’s, well… the turkey’s cooked baby.

Nerissa planned to convince both of her daughters, Nicole and Raquel, that she bought and baked a pregnant turkey. But unfortunately for Raquel, Nicole found the hen in the fridge prior to the prank—so this sis was left to bear the weight of this hysterically mortifying experience alone.

As she dives in the stuffing to discover the “baby,” Raquel’s repulsed face says it all.


“Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey? Oh my god, what is this? Mom this isn’t funny, I’m crying!! Mom, there’s a baby turkey in the turkey. It’s a girl,” she shrieks in terror.

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Apparently, she forgot the basics of middle school biology where turkeys come from eggs, but that just makes this mom prank SO much better. Mom eventually let Raquel know it was a joke, and the teen shook off the tears and took it like a champ—but YouTube will never forget. You just have to see for yourself…

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