This Mother-Daughter Duo Are Sporting Beautifully Bald Heads for One Inspiring Reason

The bond between a mother and a daughter is one that cannot easily be broken. Nashville-based Photographer Kellie Rose Pizza recently captured that incredible bond between two brave young women who inspire her. The results are absolutely breathtaking.

Kellie Rose Photography

Kellie explains that her friend Kristi has been bald for some time as treatments for breast cancer have caused all of her hair to fall out. Fortunately for Kristi, she had one very wise friend to turn to when she began losing her hair—her 7-year-old daughter, Rose.

Rose suffers from alopecia, and became totally bald when the disease caused her hair to begin falling out a few years back.

Kellie Rose Photography

“It was beautiful to hear from Kristi about how Rose helped her to be brave when she began to lose her hair during chemotherapy treatments,” Kellie writes on Facebook. “They are two of the most beautiful people I’ve met, inside and out.”

Kellie shared photos of the inspiring mother-daughter-duo after witnessing their relationship and love from behind the lens earlier this year.

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Kellie Rose Photography

“They are here to show everyone that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!”

All the prayers and love for these wonderful bald-headed beauties. You are an inspiration to many, and it’s beautiful to see the inspiration you are to each other through Kellie’s talents.

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