Mother Turns Teenage Son Into Police After Learning He Was Planning a School Shooting

mother turns her teenage son into police

Are There Any Regrets?

In her interview with GMA, she said, “I don’t regret it because I believe I saved lives.”

And as she watches school shooting after mass shooting after school shooting, she exhorts parents, “Stay in their business, even if they don’t like it…just be aware and watch for signs.”

The mother explains that kids’ behavior will demonstrate there is an issue. And we know that’s been true with past school shootings, such as the one at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan, where the boy was known to have been showing signs of mental distress.

When asked whether she thinks parents should be held partially responsible for what their kids do, she said, “To a certain point, yeah, I think parents are responsible. Yes, most definitely.”

In the case of the Oxford shooter’s parents, the boy also had a journal where he wrote about his plan. The parents have an upcoming trial, where prosecutors are trying to prove their “gross negligence” makes them partially responsible.

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As for Schubert, she recognizes that she couldn’t control her son’s actions, but she looked into why he was “acting weird” by being involved in his business.

She says, “He hated it, but he’s alive, everyone’s alive. And he’s not in jail.”

According to Schubert, her son hasn’t had trouble with the law since she turned him in, and he’s now hoping to go to college.

The mom said she prays that God helps him make the right choices in life, knowing she can’t control everything.

When asked what she thinks as she looks back over her decision that day to contact the police, Schubert told GMA through tears, “If there’s a possibility to save even one person, one child, I think it’s worth it.”

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