As Sexual Abuse Accusations Rise, New “Allegations” Against Celebs Take Twitter by Storm

sexual abuse

Since The New York Times first released an investigation of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, it seems that every day is plagued with new accusations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Megyn Kelly has literally made a new career out of aggressively reporting the newest accusations on her morning stint with the Today show, and the more victims who come forward, the more light is shed on the magnitude of the problem.

It’s an incredible time for our country in that, for so long, there’s been a stigma and a shame around being a victim of sexual abuse, sexual harassment or rape. But with the biggest names in Hollywood speaking out against their own, it’s empowered people everywhere to find their voice, and have the courage to stand up for what is right and just.

Still, with new accusations flooding the media every day, it can seem like there’s not a good person left on earth—or in Hollywood at least.

One Twitter user decided to restore our faith in humanity by asking fellow users of the social media outlet to share “nice allegations” about celebrities.

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The intent is not to take away from the brave individuals who are opening up about their experiences, but instead to come alongside these victims and remind the world that not everyone in a position of power or success is a terrible human being.

And the Twitter world did NOT disappoint!

As more victims come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and beyond, it’s good to see that some of our favorite celebs are using their fame to do GOOD, showing fans that they’re normal, GOOD people, just like us.

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