‘God Has a Plan for Both of Us’: Young Mom Battling Stage IV Cancer Asks for Prayers After 4-Year-Old Son Also Diagnosed With Cancer

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Nicole Roche: “Our family’s story will now track the healing and recovery of two of its members instead of one.”

“He will have to go through conventional treatment after that: six rounds of chemo and radiation,” Roche wrote. “Our family’s story will now track the healing and recovery of two of its members instead of one.”

For anyone wondering, “What are the odds?” Roche said this is a question she, too, has pondered while navigating the intense emotions stemming from Wesley’s diagnosis.

Despite the lament, fear, anxiety, and pain stemming from such a complex situation, Roche shared how she is in a “place of peace and calm” and believes her family will make it through this dire situation.

“I know Wesley is a strong boy and will recover,” she added. “But as I rest in that peace, I also am absolutely floored by the strange, surreal nature of it all. I’ve almost been feeling out of body lately, just completely awestruck that this is reality.”

Roche asked the public for prayer for Wesley, her husband Alex, and her family as a whole.

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In a follow-up Facebook post Monday, Roche wrote she and her family are remaining positive and optimistic, but also explained the true difficulty of what they face. Roche, who is understandably exhausted, specifically addressed the pain and struggles Wesley experienced before his surgery.

Over the past few days, the Pennsylvania mother and wife wrote she has been stunned to see her son’s bravery and hopes to reflect on it more as she faces her own treatment qualms and fears.

“Wes is so much braver than I have been,” she admitted. “He makes me want to be strong like him and face my own treatment with more bravery. I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable with needles, ports, chemo, radiation … any of it. But if my baby is about to walk that road, then I will walk with him. I’ll be as brave as I can for him. He deserves that from me.”

Roche also praised those around the family who have come alongside them during this difficult time.

“Never underestimate the power of community when it comes together with purpose and love,” she added.

The community had already begun to rally, with a GoFundMe raising over $28,000.

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