Mom Leaves Baby Alone in NICU—Then She Spots What a Stranger Left on His IV Pole Overnight

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: bringing a small, helpless and perfect baby into the world, only to have them swept away for emergency care just minutes after they’ve taken their last breath.

But for too many couples, that’s the devastating reality.

It’s an experience that hits close to home for Chris and Michelle Korres. But thanks to the love and intentional care of some amazing nurses in the NICU, the stressful time that followed welcoming their unhealthy baby into the world was filled with comfort and joy.


The Korres’ son Benjamin was born two months early—which resulted in close monitoring and lots of tubes and needles in his first few weeks on earth.

After spending a long week in the hospital where Benjamin was being cared for, Michelle and Chris got to go home—but not with their baby boy.

Instead, Benjamin stayed in the NICU. But when the couple returned the next day, they couldn’t believe what they saw.


Hanging from Benjamin’s IV pole was a tiny blue cape with a bright red “B” on it. Attached to the cape was a message that read: “To our little Superhero, love Stephanie T.”

Upon seeing the cape and message, Michelle totally lost it as she burst into tears of joy. It was an amazing reminder that they weren’t alone in sweet Benjamin’s brave fight!

“Stephanie T” turned out to be a NICU nurse, Stephanie Treherne, whom the couple had never met. But that didn’t keep her from giving these scared new parents the sense of comfort they were looking for.

Confused as to why a nurse who had never interacted with Chris and Michelle would go so far to show her support for their son, Stephanie told CVT News, “It represents exactly how we see the babies. These babies are super strong. They fight through so much. They’re just little superheroes.”


Stephanie makes these tiny capes for every “little superhero” that comes through the NICU. Each one brings unexpected and overwhelming joy to every parent.

No matter what your job is, it’s always better when you can find purpose in the work you’re doing. There’s no doubt that Stephanie has found her calling in the NICU, and has been able to provide support to parents who desperately need it. That’s purpose, and this girl is living it!

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