Owner Tells Black Man He’s Sure He Can’t Afford to Buy Former Slave Mansion—His Response Is Everything America Needs to Hear

black man

“3 weeks ago, I found this house online. I said, ‘This is my house.’ I called the seller and was told it was a cash-only offer. I was told, ‘I’m sure that takes you off the table.’ Don’t you ever underestimate a hardworking black man.

I saw the house last week and when I walked in I knew I was home. The house was built in 1820 for the Russell family who owned the cotton mill in town. Slavery was still legal. When the agent asked me why I wanted such a large house I said it was ‘a generational move.’ I know this house is bigger than me.

I wish I could’ve told my ancestors when they were breaking their back in 1820 to build this house that 200 years later, a free gay black man was going to own it and fill it with love and find a way to say their name even when 200 years later they still thought I would be ‘off the table.’

We are building our own tables. I’ve never been prouder to be a black man. Come to my White House any time. I can’t wait to have you! Glory to God in the highest. I’m a homeowner.”

**This post was written by Robert Hartwell and originally appeared here

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