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I Slept With My Mother When I Was 16—& I Have Good Reason for Letting My Kids Do the Same

"I’m sure it was the first time we had touched in months, maybe years. Sometimes I think that hand saved my life."

Married 69 Years, Hospitalized Couple Holds Hands Til the Very End

Tommy and Virginia Stevens, both 91, were, in the eyes of their family and friends, a legendary couple. The Tennessee high school sweethearts proved earlier this month that their love truly endured until "death do us part."

Jill Duggar Says Dad Pitted Siblings Against One Another, Used Kids to Manipulate and Intimidate Her

I am currently reading Jill Duggar Dillard's memoir Counting the Cost about her life growing up in the 19 Kids and Counting Duggar family, and it is both riveting and heartbreaking.

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“Racism Is Still VERY Real”: Elderly Man Asks to Hold Baby, Stuns Mom by Shattering the Status Quo

"I was in the waiting room at the doc office today and this lady walked in with her sleeping baby!"

Things I’m Forced to Tell My Black Son

When we go shopping after school, I tell my son he has to leave his backpack in the car. When he wants to take a walk past dark with his friends, I tell him “no." He’s not allowed to play with guns that aren’t clearly Super Soakers. If we’re stopped by the police because our headlight is out, I say, “Remember what I taught you.”

Dear White Moms, I Need Your Help

You are my friends. You are my sisters. We are the same in more ways than we are different, but there are a few things that I need you to know.

Owner Tells Black Man He’s Sure He Can’t Afford to Buy Former Slave Mansion—His Response Is Everything America Needs to Hear

"I called the seller and was told it was a cash-only offer. I was told, 'I’m sure that takes you off the table'...Come to my White House any time. I can’t wait to have you! Glory to God in the highest. I’m a homeowner."

2 Cops Held Their Guns as They Approached My Innocent Black Son: “My White Skin Protected Him”

"I BROKE THE LAW! I already had my license out and was holding it to the window. She didn’t take it. Instead, she was looking at my passenger, my 15-year-old son. She asked me, “Are YOU okay Ma'am?” She asked for his license, school ID, AND social security number."

“The Midwife Came in at 4AM, Pointed at my Husband & Said ‘Where Is HE From?'”: Appalled Wife Says ‘Racism Is Woven into...

"What she was really saying is where is your blackness from. 4 in the morning and my poor husband is getting asked these sorts of questions."

Talking to Your Kids About Racism Will Be Awkward—But Staying Silent Is Not an Option

“I often worry that my words won’t come out right and someone with a stronger opinion or who can articulate clearer will make my thoughts seem irrelevant.”