“I Accept You. God Loves You”: Preacher David Lynn Arrested for Sharing the Gospel to LGBT Community

david lynn

As the mantras of “tolerance” and “inclusion” continue to ring up and down the streets of America, it seems those principles fail to apply when it comes to Christians expressing their gospel-centered views. David Lynn, a preacher for Christ Forgiveness Ministries in Toronto, was arrested on June 4 for proclaiming the Good News of Jesus on the streets of an LGBTQ-friendly community.

Watch a portion of the incident involving a preacher, David Lynn

“Everybody can have dignity and respect, everybody, but do you know it’s not all the time that this is carried out,” Lynn announced on the street corner, before ‘coming out of the closet’ as a Christ follower.

“Sometimes hatred is carried out by various members of the community,” he continued. “We’re here to tell you that we hate nobody; so I’m coming out of the closet and saying ‘I’m a Christian,’ and I want to know if you would tolerate me as a Christian.”

The pastor proceeded to ask if individuals within close proximity would tolerate him, as one person after another turned their backs and shut him down.

“What about acceptance? What about acceptance?” asked one irritated listener who got in Lynn’s face.

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