Pastor Confronts Local Government, Annihilates Roe v. Wade Created by “Ignorant White Men”

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Pastor Jeff Durbin, the head of “End Abortion Now,” gave a riveting speech to the Phoenix City Council this weekend punctuating the horrors of abortion as well as the absurdity of Roe v. Wade.

“We’re coming once again to remind you of the modern-day holocaust that is occurring all around us,” said Durbin in opening his address. “Defenseless human beings are being dismembered, chemically burned, disemboweled and decapitated in your city, under your watch and jurisdiction.”

He elaborated that these abortions are continuing to take place in spite of being in violation of both the law of God and the state law of Arizona:

“These murders are occurring regardless of the fundamental law of God against the unjustified killing of human beings ‘thou shall not kill,’ regardless of the unchanged Arizona law against abortion AZ Statute 13-3603, still on the books, and regardless of the fact that courts cannot create law according to our constitution.”

Durbin emphasized that Roe v. Wade is not a law but rather an “ignorant, unscientific and fallacious court opinion” from half a century ago formulated by a group of “ignorant white men.”

“Does that help in our modern culture?” he questioned. “If we frame the need for justice for these fatherless children in the words of our modern social justice warriors, will you act and begin upholding righteousness and protecting these image-bearers of God? Let’s try it.”

“Long ago, in a patriarchal society, a group of white cisgender males delivered an ignorant and unscientific court opinion that allowed people to target a group of oppressed identities in the womb,” Durbin continued. “Some of the human beings were potentially gay, lesbian and transgendered. This discrimination was based on social power, prejudice, and privilege aimed at promoting ageism. It was an example of collusion that happened not long after many whites didn’t like drinking water with or sitting near black people on buses. ”

The pastor pointed out that this isn’t the first time our culture has been guilty of dehumanization, as it wasn’t long ago that we were treating blacks and Jews like they, too, were “not real human beings.”

“We are engaging in the highest form of hypocrisy if we puff our chests and look down our noses at slave traders and German soldiers and sit quietly and impotent while children are slaughtered in the wombs of their mommies,” he declared.

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As a final note, Durbin pleaded the council to turn to God and cease the “moral atrocity” of murdering defenseless babies:

“I call upon you to turn to God, to wield the sword of justice with righteousness, be impartial, and stop the slaughter of human beings in the womb. Turn to Christ and live.”

Watch Pastor Jeff Durbin’s full speech to the Phoenix City Council below:

Preacher Delivers Speech to City Council

Ouch! That had to hurt. Watch this pastor confront the city council with popular arguments used by Liberal Social Justice Warriors.

Posted by Apologia Studios on Saturday, April 6, 2019

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