Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Praises God for Chiefs Victory: “I Try to Glorify Him in Everything I Do”

Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs are reveling in sweet victory after defeating the San Francisco 49ers last night 31-20. Their incredible comeback made Super Bowl LIV a nail-biting game to remember.

Following the win, KC Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt gave credit where credit is due, saying, “I want to thank the Lord for blessing us with all these incredible people to bring this trophy home.”

Both teams that landed a coveted spot in Super Bowl 2020 had players and coaches alike who openly discussed how faith played a key role in their lives, on and off the field.

Perhaps most notably, Chiefs quarterback and MVP Patrick Mahomes put God in the spotlight, praising Him for his success and being the Rock upon which he stands.

The all-star QB explained that he tries daily to humble himself and glorify God in all that he does. Regardless of how he performs, Mahomes knows that all He does in Christ is counted as success, and all done merely by his own strength is counted as loss. Knowing where his identity rests allows him to keep his ‘head held high.’

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“Doing what I do every single day, and then knowing that as long I’m doing everything the right way, the way that He’d want me to do it, then I can walk off the field with my head held high and be able to be the man that I’m supposed to be,” said Mahomes. “It’s given me a lot of blessing in my life and I’m trying to maximize and glorify Him in everything I do.”

In an interview on the field, Mahomes shared that his team never lost faith throughout the duration of their hard-fought road to football’s biggest stage.

“We never lost faith, that’s the biggest thing,” said Mahomes. “Everybody on this team, no one has their head down and we believe in each other and that’s what we preached all year long.”

One of his teammates, guard Stefen Wisniewski, also shouted praises to the King after making it through a very challenging time earlier in the season. Wisniewski was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of the summer before being picked up by the Chiefs. Hitting that low-point in his career forced him to his knees.

“The best place you can be in life is the center of God’s will,” said Wisniewski. “And the center of God’s will for my life was unemployed for 5 weeks. And it was a challenge and He was with me and I leaned on Him during that time and I trusted Him, praised Him. I knew that if He wanted to, He could exalt me again and it was just my job to humble myself before him, and here I am about to start in the Super Bowl. That’s all because of God.”

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