Pentatonix Singer, Kevin Olusola, Shares Experience As a Christian in Mainstream Music

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“Every time I approach the cello or approach anything I always start with a word of prayer. I ask God to give me the ability to do what I do, because it’s not really coming from me,” Olusola said as he explained a higher purpose for his music.  “I feel like I’m more of a messenger. What I’m trying to create, it’s not really mine it’s [God’s]. I make sure in whatever I’m doing that the message is coming across very well.”

Staff from Owensboro Living—a local newspaper from Olusola’s hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky—also sat down with Olusola. He’s becoming known for his Christian faith and how his faith shaes his music. Olusola responded, “First and foremost, yes, you let who you are shape your music. I think that’s so important. Don’t let anyone else shape you, because I feel like it just comes off as disingenuous.”

“Being an artist in this industry is a really interesting thing because I think at the end of the day, what I think people want is good music and I think people want something they can let their kids listen to,” Olusola said. “And so I think having God in my life allows me to speak to people on a deeper level because the music that we get to create will speak to people about those type of values and I think that’s really, really important.”

Parents across the country are looking for wholesome groups with clean lyrics that are appropriate for their kids. Olusola mentions, “You know, in our band, we don’t curse, we don’t try to do any lewd, raunchy music and I think because of that, at our concerts, you have people that are grandmothers all the way to children. You will have generations, and they all feel comfortable and love what we do. I’m happy that because I keep the faith to the best of my ability, we try to make it something that everyone can enjoy.”

In the interview with Beliefnet, Olusola shares his prayer, “Lord let me be the messenger, you come through me, because if it’s not from you then it doesn’t really matter.”

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Pentatonix continues to record albums and hold country-wide tours, including a popular Christmas tour.

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