Pentatonix Singer, Kevin Olusola, Shares Experience As a Christian in Mainstream Music

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While Olusola, along with four other Pentatonix members, brings a unique sound and spin to any song, he credits his skill to God. “I’m so thankful because I really believe it was the Lord that put together this entity and who we are. I guess the way that we always think about music, it’s very similar. Although we have different styles we bring all the sounds together into a modern context. We’re always thinking about the mainstream context and how we can break boundaries but maintain being a cappella,” Olusola shared.

There may not be many Christians in the mainstream music industry. Olusola continued, “That’s why when you see my tweets, when you see my Facebook messages, I always try to tweet things that are uplifting and not be afraid to show people that we can be Christians in the industry. There’s a book by a guy named DeVon Franklin, I think he’s one of the Vice Presidents of Columbia Pictures, he always talks about how it’s not really that it’s bad to be in this industry, if you really follow God and His principles and are consistent people will see your life and your testimony.”

Kevin Olusola, a long-time Christian, lives out his faith on and off the stage.

He lives out strong, Christian morals in his life. In fact, Olusola serves as a compass for the group’s song content. “They always ask me, ‘Kevin are you comfortable with the song? If not we’ll find something else. There’s a lot of songs in the mainstream that are actually not bad songs. We just have to find those that are relevant and popular, and then we can work on those. So I’m thankful that they understand from that point that it’s more of what I’m about.”

Olusola is humble as he attempts living out his Christian faith. He admitted, “I’m not perfect, I would never say that, I just believe that if I try my hardest to be consistent, show what I believe, and live it, most importantly, then that will hopefully shine through more. I guess that’s kind of the prayer for what I do.”

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