“Perfect Instagram Proposal” Gone Wrong Hilariously Portrays 2017 #RelationshipGoals

The Perfect Instagram Proposal

Getting engaged in 2017 be like…

Posted by John Crist on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ten years ago, if you proposed to a girl, things were pretty standard.

Traditionally, you’d visit her father, ask for permission and then get to planning an over-the-top surprise.

It’s no longer about having the perfect ring. Now a days, (thanks to Pinterest) there’s a lot more pressure to have the “perfect” proposal. Picture-perfect actually.

Everything from the location, to the set up, to the importance of not just experiencing the moment but fully capturing it comes into play if you’re planning on making your special girl your wife.

Christian comedian, John Crist, played out a funny version of the “picture-perfect proposal,” and while we hope that it isn’t a reality for any anxious guy out there, it sure does depict the thoughts that go through every girl’s mind.

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