To the Homeless Christian

“Tonight I’m praying for the homeless Christian.
The one who isn’t sure where they belong anymore. Who has watched as 2020 made extremists out of friends, family, and even fellow church members.
Who is shocked by the things they read in their timeline—posted by people they once considered godly.
Tonight I pray for the homeless Christian. The one torn between different parties.
They pray for children—both unborn and living. They long to comfort the immigrant and the marginalized. They pray protection over law enforcement—and pray for police brutality to end.
They want so deeply for the world to heal. They feel sick from the hate and dysfunction.
Tonight I pray for the homeless Christian—who feels like sanity is slipping through the cracks of society.
A society so fragile they hardly recognize it anymore.
Tonight I pray for the homeless Christian—those refugees in the body of Christ. Maybe church has hurt them. Maybe they are too scared to try.
Jesus was so easy to understand.
But His followers can be so hard.
God, I pray you comfort these souls. Your wandering, aching children.
Remind us of the place You have prepared. It’s there for us, like You promised.
Gently whisper that yes, this world is scary, but it is NOT Your children’s home.
Tell us, Lord, in your Fatherly voice, that we will never be truly homeless. That this place we are renting is a huge fixer upper, but You didn’t leave us here to work alone.
Come alongside us and remind us of Your promises: that we will not be crushed, that we will not be ruined. That no matter how dark these times might seem, we are not abandoned and we are certainly not homeless. We are Your children and we are LOVED.
Comfort your wayward-hearted babies, God, of which I am certainly one.
Be with us, always, every step of the way, until we finally reach our true home. And until then, renew our strength. Give us joy and hope for tomorrow. We still have time until this lease is up, and Your work is not yet done.
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