“Read Their Sign”: Pregnant Homeless Woman ‘Breaks Down Sobbing’ After Couple’s Unexpected Act of Kindness


“Today, we were exiting for our hotel in Grand Rapids. I looked to the left, and saw a young lady with a sign. I struggled to read it, because it was dark.

After sitting at the light for a minute, I made out the words “Pregnant” and “Hungry”. Emily and I decided then and there we were going to help her out as much as we could.

Come to find out, her name is Jewel and she is 24 weeks pregnant. She and her husband Rob (who is a paraplegic) recently received an eviction notice at their apartment and have been living off of cheese. She also recently lost her job due to Covid.

Jewel had been standing out there for 2 hours, had been laughed at and pointed at, and ignored. During that time one person stopped and gave her a dollar before we helped.

We ate dinner with them and bought gift cards to last through her pregnancy for MeijerSubway and Burger King. She broke down sobbing when we told her the amount on the cards. She couldn’t believe it.

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Next time you see someone in need, read their sign. Don’t just ignore them.

Some people truly need your help. We’ve all needed help at some point. This is a message to remember to give when you can to those in need.”

**This post was written by Nathan Berning and originally appeared on his Facebook page

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