Robbers Steal 10-Year-Old’s $200 Savings for Disneyland, Cops Trick Her Into Coming to the Station for an Epic Surprise!


Saving money is no easy task. So when her family first started planning their trip to Disneyland last year, 10-year-old Andrea Ramirez decided to start putting away her own money for the “happiest place on earth.”

Unfortunately, her home was burglarized just one week before their long-awaited vacation, and the robber was able to snatch the $200 cash Andrea had been working so hard to save.

Police investigating the robbery were impressed by Andrea’s Dave Ramsey efforts, and felt bad that she’d lost everything she’d saved.

Officers Tyler Provost, Julianne Mesiroff and Fabian Aquino went on a mission to raise the $200 for Andrea from within the police department. But word spread quickly, and in just a matter of time, they’d raised more than $1000 for the little girl.

Investigators called the family into the police station prior to their Disney trip, under the guise that they would be identifying some of their stolen items.

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When they arrived, the police department surprised them with Mickey Mouse cards, and the $1,050 they’d raised amongst themselves.

“Her dad was so humble and so grateful; Andrea was absolutely stunned,” Police Chief Adele Frese said.

“This is the type of thing that we go into policing for. To heal harms is kind of healing for us too.”

I think it goes without saying, the family had a wonderful trip to Disney, thanks to the generosity and hearts of these police officers.

They went above and beyond—just one of the many ways they serve our communities every day.

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