Spontaneous Photos Captured of Teen Caring for Elderly Neighbors Goes Viral

Romemylion Mitchell

With nearly 80,000 reactions and almost 30,000 comments, the public has gone wild over this story. Here’s what some people had to say.

“Thank you fir adding some positive into the universe ~ this is such a feel good story and we all could use that💜”

“This is the stories that you should see more often young kids doing positive things for others. Don’t always print the bad stuff. Tiki Edward’s your an inspiration to others.”

“A 15 year old in this world that isn’t obsessed with their phone and tik tok is something to celebrate alone, but this one is extra super special…”

“Good job young man. I’m sure you were brought up right by your parents. Thank you.”

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“What a beautiful relationship they have built. The wonderful thing about kindness is it’s a gift for both the receiver & the person giving it. Thank you for sharing this story. May God bless your loving parents & this an outstanding young man!”

“Rare this day an age a true Blessing 🙏 this day and age. He gives such a great gift of caring to your parents…A young man on his way to a Life of teaching others the gift of hope, love I wish him great things in his life..”

Mitchell’s story quickly went viral

People are looking for feel-good stories. The post and entire story were picked up by news stations around the country. “I just see myself as a regular human being,” Mitchell explains after all of the recognition he’s received on social media and even The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Mitchell was interviewed on Round Robin, a local interview show hosted by Robin McCormick. As he shared his story, Mitchell “didn’t see himself as remarkable.”

“You may have never heard of 15-year-old Romemylion Mitchell, but hundreds of thousands of people across the world have. The teen befriended an elderly couple who lived across the street from him in Hampton, helping them with housework and forming a close bond. A thank-you post that the couple’s daughter put on Facebook has gone viral and dozens of websites and social media posts are broadcasting the story of the selfless teen as an inspirational story,” the post on AIR.TV states.

Watch the entire interview. You’ll be glad you did.

Ways to be a good neighbor

Whether you’re 15, 45, or 85, it can be intimidating to reach out to a neighbor. But, as Mitchell quickly found out, there’s often a strong friendship waiting for you next door. And, Jesus spoke often about being a good neighbor. We’re to “love our neighbors as ourselves” (Matthew 22:39), and love is an action verb.

Consider these ideas — big and small — as you interact with your neighbors.

  • Say, “Hi.” Just like Mitchell, be the first one to initiate a conversation.
  • Find common ground. Mitchell and his neighbor quickly connected over the topic of the military — specifically the Air Force.
  • Look for ways to help. Whether dragging trash cans or helping rake leaves, you’ll spot a way or two to lend a hand.
  • Bake cookies. The next time you’re making a batch of cookies, take over a few to your neighbors with a kind note. Be considerate and note of any allergy ingredients such as dairy, gluten, or nuts.
  • Ask for help. Yes, this is a thing! Give your neighbors the chance to help you on a project or even just pick up a package that’ll be delivered while you’re away.
  • Extend an invitation. Whether you invite your neighbor over for dinner or out to a ball game, enjoy the extra time spent together.
  • Be present. Consider staying outside if a neighbor is also outside. For example, if a neighbor is outside as you arrive home, walk over and talk before heading inside your own house.
  • Ask questions. Engage in conversation with your neighbors. Asking questions will not only help you get to know each other, but it’ll also show them you really care.

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