Spontaneous Photos Captured of Teen Caring for Elderly Neighbors Goes Viral

Romemylion Mitchell

Living in Hampton, Virginia, Romemylion Mitchell met his elderly neighbor as he was taking out the trash. Mitchell saw that his neighbor, who had an amputated leg, was struggling with getting the trash out to the curb.

Mitchell and his neighbor struck up a friendship, starting with an interest in the Air Force. The son of Mitchell’s neighbor was in the Air Force, and Mitchell himself hopes to serve in the Air Force one day.

Romemylion Mitchell befriended his elderly neighbors.

On a regular basis, Mitchell would come home after school and complete his own chores. Then, he would head next door to help his neighbors with chores and tasks on the computer.

Mitchell joins his neighbors on errands to the store — for the company and to help out. He unloads their groceries, cuts their grass, and is generally helpful around the house.

When asked if his neighbors pay him for chores, Mitchell said no. He’s just glad to help them.

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His kindness continued to reach even further

A while back, the wife of Mitchell’s neighbor fell, and Mitchell went with them to the hospital. Of course, he did. When he went into her hospital room to visit, both the wife and Mitchell cried. They have a special bond.

Tiki Joyner Edwards, the neighbors’ daughter, captured the moment and took a picture of Mitchell and his neighbors. Mitchell didn’t realize she had posted the image on Facebook, and he was surprised by all of the attention.

Edwards had nothing but good things to say about Mitchell in her post.

“I just want to take a moment and recognize this sweet fella that lives across the street from my parents. He checks on them every day and has grown to love and care for them deeply. He rides with Dad to the store, helps him shop and brings the groceries in.. he cuts the grass and whatever they may need. Not many 15 yr olds would take the time to care and be there for elderly neighbors.

“When he saw Mom today he busted out crying and just held her tight.. what a blessing and just wanted to pass on something heartwarming instead of the sad news we see and hear every day❤️”

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