For the First Time Since Joey’s Death, Rory Feek Makes Stunning Announcement About Returning to Music

Joey and Rory Feek spent their lives creating music that reflected their down-home, bluegrass roots and faith in Jesus Christ.


Their love for each other left fans inspired, and many followed their journey after Joey gave birth to their daughter, Indiana, and was later diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer.

Her battle was fierce, and Rory kept fans informed through the final months, weeks and days of his precious wife’s life on a blog he called This Life I Live.

Joey passed away on March 4, 2016, and Rory is determined to keep her spirit alive forever in him.

Though Rory has taken things pretty easy this past year—spending time with Indiana and mourning the loss of the greatest woman he’s ever known—he’s continued to keep fans in the loop on his blog with day-to-day thoughts, struggles, triumphs, memories of Joey and life with Indiana.


It’s been 16 months since his wife passed away, and Rory recently made an announcement that he’s excited to get back in the saddle and start making music again.

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In celebration of what would be Joey’s birthday and the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary, Rory will perform in Pottsville, Tennessee, on the 8th and 9th of September. He’s working alongside Music Health Alliance to raise money for the medical bills of families with sick loved ones.

The organization helped Rory with support while Joey was battling cancer.

“I could not navigate the barrage of medical bills that were coming in. What is covered? What is not covered? What isn’t covered but should be?”

Rory’s not certain of whether or not this will lead to him diving back into full-time music again quite yet. For now, he’s taking it in strides—doing what he loves to do and remembering his wife in support of a great cause.

“For me, it will be good because I will learn why I am supposed to be there and what the future holds.”

Fans can take hope in knowing they’re along for the ride with him. What could be better than that?

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