Sadie Robertson Reveals the Meaning Behind the Tattoo She Never Wanted

Though her Duck Commander dad is proudly inked, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson never planned on getting a tattoo. “I was not ever going to get a tattoo,” Sadie Robertson said. “That was not for me.”

But recently that decision has changed.


Sadie says it’s her faith in God that helped her conquer anxiety and fear, which has plagued several of her teenage years.

“Whenever I was struggling with anxiety for two years, I would wake up and I was scared,” she said. “I would go to bed, and I was scared; I would go through the day and was scared—constantly in this state of fear. The Bible says so many times not to fear, but it was like I couldn’t shake it off of me.”

Relying on her faith is what pulled her through.

It was on a night when Sadie was getting ready to speak at Winter Jam, a large Christian music tour, when the “Live Original” teen made a decision to no longer let anxiety and fear have a grip on her life.

“The thing that I realized is that it’s not that things aren’t scary and it’s not that things aren’t going to be scary,” she said. “It’s just realizing that God has already conquered fear, and there’s so much more to this life.”

That’s when she whole-heartedly put her trust in Jesus Christ, knowing that He was the One in charge. Fully trusting God wasn’t easy, but Sadie said that being fearless has changed her life and helped others to do the same.


“[My tattoo is] not for anybody else, it’s not to be cool,” she says. “It’s just so that I can see that I’m living fearless in the name of Jesus.”

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