“Life Slapped Me in the Face”: Sadie Robertson Reveals How Hiding Things From God Blinded Her From Truth

Sadie Robertson is America’s sweetheart. The teen’s family first graced our television sets five years ago with their unlimited supply of camouflage clothing, and faces full of duck huntin’ beards. But since the initial popularity of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Sadie Robertson has really come into her own, becoming a Jesus-loving example to the beardless generation.

The inspirational speaker recently opened up to her social media followers about some of her deepest faith struggles, and a season where she had created a division between herself and God.


“I used to hide things from God in my prayer life. I mainly did because I was afraid. I was afraid I would fail in that area again. I thought maybe I was doing me and God both a solid to just not mention it. That only created division between myself and my creator. The one that Knit me in my mothers womb. There was something in between us hindering our relationship, because I wouldn’t address the elephant in the room.”

Her transparency is inspiring and SO relatable, no matter what your age is. God is an all-knowing and all-loving father. But sometimes in our human-ness, we take on more than we should—pretending as if God can’t handle it, or God won’t handle it.

“The longer this went on the louder my struggle got, and the quieter it seemed like the voice of truth got. It’s crazy how when you run from truth you run into so many lies.”


Sadie says she came to realize all of this when life violently “slapped” her in the face.

“Eventually life slapped me in the face and before I could slap back I found myself gently opening the pages of the Bible and seeing all the truth I had run from for so long. As it is said…’you can’t say that God is silent when your Bible is closed’; you also can’t say He isn’t answering when you never even asked a question, or you wrote His answer for Him.”

The 19-year-old ended her post with an encouragement to everyone—those who call themselves followers of God, along with those who have yet to take their next step, in fear that God will judge them.

“I want to offer you some other names for Him… He is…the way, the TRUTH, the life, a rock, LOVE, peace, the creator, sovereign, He is strength when we are weak, He IS the beginning and the end. He honestly has used me most in my weakest moments. He has given my pain purpose. He has constantly showed me redemption.”

We’ve all experienced seasons where our relationship with God is probably not as strong as we’d hope for it to be. The truth is that nothing we do can ever separate us from the unconditional love and affection that can be found in Jesus Christ alone.

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Sadie’s honesty and vulnerability in sharing her own trials in her faith journey is inspiring. We hope that her message prompts everyone who reads it to “run to truth.”

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