“That’s Not the God We Serve”: Steve Harvey Announces His Show Is Over & The Reason God Closes Doors

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After impressively surviving in the daytime television space for seven years, Steve Harvey’s show is being cut from NBC’s programming. NBC Universal has announced that a new show hosted by Kelly Clarkson, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” will be taking over his slot in fall of 2019.

Harvey was admittedly stunned by the programming decision and particularly NBC’s lack of communication with him about it. He stated in an interview with Variety that he’s the second most popular person on daytime TV behind Ellen, who is also considering ending her show after her contract is up in 2020.

“I thought it would have been nice of them to come to me — as the only dude who’s survived [in daytime TV] for seven years — about it,” said the entertainer. “I gotta make announcements too,” he added with a mischevious smile. “It will be something real cute.”

Even better than ‘cute,’ Harvey’s Facebook announcement about the ending of his show “Steve” was humbly God-inspired.

“They gon’ close the door on me 2019,” he said in a Facebook video posted by Hot 1077 Home of the Steve Harvey Morning Show. “All that means for me is God has another door for me to open.”

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The TV host elaborated that the people making the calls at NBC don’t have control over his life, while also explaining that every closed door leads to a new opportunity:

“These people that make these decisions at these networks and stuff, they don’t control my life. They control that little piece of section over there. I got the rest of it. God in charge of me. So every door that closes for you in 2019, [you] understand that allows for an opportunity for another door to open.”

Harvey continued to list the reasons that God may have allowed the doors to shut on his show and asserted that he is confident in the Lord’s sovereign plan:

“Maybe I need some more rest. Maybe I’ve been working too hard. Maybe this is His way of saying, ‘Hey partner, you gon’ slow down. I’m going to help you slow down.’ I’ve learned to accept God’s will and understand that everything that happens to me happens to me for my good and my betterment.”

He closed with a reminder to all of us that the great God we serve didn’t bring us this far to leave us now.

Harvey’s words are reminiscent of God’s promise to us in Isaiah 41:10, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

“The God I serve didn’t bring me this far to leave me,” Harvey added. “You tell me. Why would God lift you to the height that He got you to just to see you fall? That’s not the God we serve.”

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Posted by Hot 1077 Home of the Steve Harvey Morning Show on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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