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Jill Duggar Dillard Suffers Pregnancy Loss, Announces Stillbirth of First Daughter

Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derrick Dillard are grieving this week after suffering a heartbreaking pregnancy loss. The couple announced Saturday the stillbirth of their daughter, Isla Marie Dillard.

Stranger Takes Photo of Family at Disney—Then He Promises He’s Not “Creepy” & Makes 1 Heartbreaking Request

"Several minutes later the same man who had just taken our picture walked up to us, in tears, and asked if we had a moment. He promised he wasn't creepy and introduced himself as Scott and his wife as Sally."

Beyond ‘Sorry for Your Loss’: 14 Meaningful Ways to Express Condolences

Explore heartfelt and unique ways to say 'sorry for your loss' with our guide. Learn how to offer condolences that truly resonate, including personalized expressions of sympathy and thoughtful gestures to support those grieving.

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Steve Harvey Quotes Scripture While Honoring Wife Marjorie In Tearful Speech

Steve Harvey took the focus off of himself while accepting the Television Icon Award at the GRIO Awards last month, and he used the opportunity to thank his wife Marjorie and give her credit for his success.

36 Inspirational Steve Harvey Quotes to Encourage Your Heart Today

In addition to comedy, Steve Harvey has long been known for his inspirational speaking, which is rooted in his Christian faith. We’ve compiled some of the best inspirational Steve Harvey quotes and quips to encourage your heart today!

Steve Harvey Just Scared the Crap Out of Satan With 7 Minutes of God-Breathed Bible Truth

When Steve Harvey took a few minutes after Family Feud to talk to his audience, they were NOT ready for him to take them to church—but I'm SO glad he did!!!

“God is Something Else, Man”—Steve Harvey Tearfully Credits God for His Life and Success

In a tearful speech to mark the closing of a chapter in his life, Steve credits God with all that he’s been able to do, and the life he's gotten to live. 

Steve Harvey, Ryan Reynolds, John Legend Respond to Alex Trebek’s Death in Heartbreaking Tweets

"My heart is so sad over the passing of the classiest game show host of all time!!!" wrote Steve Harvey.

“That’s Not the God We Serve”: Steve Harvey Announces His Show Is Over & The Reason God Closes Doors

"You tell me. Why would God lift you to the height that He got you to just to see you fall? That's not the God we serve."

“Don’t Call Tyrone, Call Jesus!”: Sassy 6-Yr-Olds Leave the Internet Roaring in Laughter With Life Advice That Is Pure GOLD

With their spitfire personalities, brutally honest advice, and desire to share their love for Jesus with others, this sister-duo shares weekly videos that are sure to leave you busting a gut.

Steve’s Harvey’s 7 Kids Make Surprise Confessions On-Air That Leave Mom & Dad Weeping Tears of Joy

“I’m trying to figure out where y’all got these pictures, because I ain’t SEEN [these] pictures.”