Studly Target Manager Slays Dance Moves to “Juju on That Beat” in Viral Video

Chase Carlson is the the executive team leader for asset protection in the Urbandale, Iowa, Super Target.

On top of managing a team of 230 employees, and clearly making his rounds at the gym, Chase has apparently spent some time mastering his mad dance moves as well.

Facebook/Chase Carlson (pictured left)

In a recent viral video, the 24-year-old graduate of Grand View University throws down a hilariously satisfying dance to the hip-hop hit “Juju on That Beat.”

I mean, seeing a 260-pound weightlifter whip out smooth hip-hop moves in the middle of an empty Target isn’t exactly something you see every day.

Chase was merely trying to lighten up the atmosphere for his employees with a little fun during a crazy holiday rush—but it turned into SO much more than that.

“It’s kind of our crunch time and can be sort of stressful, and we’re sacrificing a lot as far as being at the store and being away from our families so people can come and shop,” said Chase. He likes to dance and do goofy stuff with his team after hours to keep them engaged and excited about their jobs.

“I try to make this place as fun as possible,” he added. “So I goof off and make them laugh.”

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“The things I do at work to make it fun for the team,” he captioned his Facebook video that has now been viewed over 3 million times.

He posted the video on November 8, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that it really started to take off.

“It was just about two weeks ago that somebody shared it and it spread like wildfire,” said Chase.

Check out the masterful moves that have the Internet swooning over America’s favorite Target employee:

The things I do at work to make it fun for the team…😅😅 #TargetGangOrDie 🎯

Posted by Chase Carlson on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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