“‘Suffer’ Tends to Be a Word Used to Describe Down Syndrome”: Mom Slams the Lie by Showing the ‘Life of Joy’ Her Son Has

down syndrome

“‘Suffer'” tends to be a word people associate with Down syndrome. Well I can testify that the words suffering and Down syndrome are two thoughts that don’t belong together. This is a face that is not suffering.

When it is publicly stated in a high profile place that people suffer with Down syndrome, it makes my work as a parent that much harder and gives me more work to do. You see… my only goal in life when it comes to my son with Down syndrome is for people to see the truth. What you think you know and what you hear may not be true at all. When I found out it’s estimated only 38% of people have actually met a person with Down syndrome, it boggled my mind. Most people have all these assumptions, but then they’ve never met a true source… can people have such bias?

If you ever get to meet my son Ronin, the first time you meet eyes, you will see he is NOT suffering one bit. You will see something you can’t explain really. His personality is truly magnetic. His picture would be next to the word kind in the dictionary; a trait people have forgotten about.

He will leave an imprint on your heart and when you can’t find a reason to smile, he will find it for you. He possesses something we are all constantly searching for; the key to living a life of joy.”

**This post was written by Erin Statz and originally appeared on Facebook. See more from Erin here
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