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Toddler is Sick With Mystery Illness for 3 Months When Doctors Finally Discover What’s Lodged in Her Nose

A mom from the UK is sharing her story after her toddler suffered for three months with a mystery illness caused by an object unknowingly lodged in her nose.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Dreamy Family Vacation in Italy: ‘Take Me Back’

Candace Cameron Bure, loved for her roles on "Full House" and "Fuller House," recently took to Instagram to reminisce about her family's dream summer vacation in Italy.

Chip and Joanna Gaines: 11 Godly Secrets to an Epic Marriage and Family

Chip and Joanna Gaines are teaching us important lessons about marriage and family as they walk away from their HGTV show for the sake of their family.

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How to Overcome Feeling Alone in Your Marriage

"If I’m being very honest, there’s been more than once in our marriage when I’ve felt very alone. Times when I stood unaccompanied in my kitchen staring at the cabinets thinking, 'Ok, God. It’s just you and me now.'"

Boy Sits Alone at Birthday Party After All 32 Classmates Don’t Show—The Internet’s Reaction Is EPIC

"If you get a chance please wish Teddy a Happy Birthday. His mom sent me this after his friends weren’t able to make it to his birthday party."

You’re Never Alone on Your Road Trip

"He had stopped for a reason. We were not alone on our road trip, and I’m not talking about the kids in the backseat."