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‘We Have No Visible Finish Line’—The Case for Why Moms Are so Burnt Out

This is why moms are always so quick to snap. This is why we are so sensitive. Because we are desensitized. We are numb. We are so beyond burnt out.

14-Year-Old Boy In Foster Care Asks For “A Home and People That Love Me”

What Darrious hopes for most is a family, and a place to call home. He is currently in foster care and lives with other foster kids in a group home.

Jill Duggar to Dad Jim Bob: “You Treat Me Worse Than My Pedophile Brother”

A new, scathing memoir by daughter Jill Duggar Dillard released this week, and an excerpt published in People Magazine shows that it does not portray Jim Bob Duggar in a positive light at all. 

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What Is Sin? 9 Sins Approved by the Church

What if the big sins, you know the ones you try hardest to avoid, aren’t the greatest threat to your joy and the church’s mission?

“The Gates of Hell Will Not Frustrate His Plans”: God Is at Work Amidst ‘Wolves’ in the Church

“I know there is much to be fearful of, much to mourn about the state of faith in this world, but take heart my friend—Jesus is building his Church, and the gates of hell have not, nor will they, frustrate his plans for her.”

8 Signs of Religious Brainwashing: Is Your Church Brainwashing You?

"Here are 8 signs that your church, group, or community has slipped into an unhealthy and dangerous form of groupthink."

Everyone Is Leaving Christianity. Few Know Where They’re Going.

It is, dare I say, sexy to deconstruct your Christian faith right now, but to what are you running? We're in the age of the Build-a-God Workshop. And often, these gods look a lot like you.

The Devil Will Use Christians to Discourage You

It’s not in the strip clubs, bars, or prisons where you would see the greatest battle for good, if you could see in the spiritual realm. My husband is fond of saying, “if you’re looking for the devil, don’t try the home of sinners. Look in the church instead.”

Gay Teen Kills Himself After He’s “Damned to Hell.” What’s Worse?—The Church Could’ve Stopped Him

His Christian parents called him "disgusting," "unnatural," "perverted" and "damned to hell."

The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church

The Bible does not warn us that when we skip church we put ourselves at risk. Rather, it warns us that when we skip church we put other people at risk.

8 Quotes That Sound Biblical But Are Not

I've definitely said these before and I definitely had no idea what I was actually saying!