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Jalen Hurts Donates $200,000 to Install New Air Conditioning Units in Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has made a remarkable impact off the field with his recent donation to local Philadelphia schools

We Are Living in a “Silent Depression”: Why Everything Feels So Expensive in 2024

By comparing household income and cost of living during the Great Depression with today’s economic conditions, we can see just how much of a toll the Silent Depression is having on this generation.

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What No One Told Me About Sending My Firstborn Off to College

No one told me that your grown-up kids are making huge decisions every day or how hard it is for them to come back home and be your little kid.

College Faculty Compares Chick-fil-A to Selling Porn in School Bookstore, Votes to Kick Restaurant Off Campus

“We don’t sell pornography in the bookstore and we don’t have a Hooters on campus—we already pre-select those kind of things based on our existing values.”

“There Is No Second Place”: A World Where College Beats Out Compassion

We’re raising children in a society where the kids who work hard, study, and do “the right thing” can be pushed out of a spot they earned by someone who’s better at lining pockets. We have to raise children in a world where we want to tell them to keep their nose clean, hit the books, and do well. That it will pay off. Except, we live in a world where that’s not always true.

2 Students Think They’re Going on Ellen to Honor Their Teacher—They LOSE It When She Pulls Out This Unexpected Surprise

“My main inspiration to become a teacher was because for the kids, I wanted to be what I didn’t see when I was growing up."