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Twins Found Floating Face Down in Backyard Pool. 6-Yr-Old Who Can’t Swim Dives in After Them in Bold Rescue.

“They were completely gone, there was no life left in them. They were blue. They were limp. There was no heartbeat. There was nothing."

12 Little-Known Facts About Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge’s Enduring Popularity

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has charmed the world with her grace, style, and unwavering commitment to her royal duties. Here, we look at what people have fallen in love with.

Teen Kicked Out of Christian School for Performing in Venues that Serve Alcohol

Bailey Griggs, a promising young singer-songwriter, from Cramerton Christian Academy in North Carolina was recently expelled from her senior year after the school learned that she was performing in venues that serve alcohol.

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‘Jesus Is Why’—Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Christian Singer Jane ‘Nightbirde’ Marczewski

Jane Marczewski, the 31-year-old Christian singer who went by the stage name 'Nightbirde' and who died Feb. 19, was honored by loved ones in person and online earlier this month.

Should Christian Women Go See ‘Redeeming Love,’ The Movie?

Inspired by the Biblical book of Hosea, Redeeming Love hit theaters last month. But should Christian women go see it?

1st Grader Picks Out Green Dress for Picture Day—The Results Leave Mom Cry-Laughing

“This is the story of a little girl’s love of a green dress, a mother who tries to instill independence, and how those two things came together in the most epic and brilliant combination possible."

Mom Pranks Daughter With “Pregnant Turkey,” And Her Reaction Is Totally Hysterical

“Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey? Oh my god, what is this? Mom this isn’t funny, I’m crying!! Mom there’s a baby turkey in the turkey. It’s a girl!"

Mom’s Play-by-Play of the Horrifying Miracle That Is Pregnancy Is Downright Hysterical

There are things no one warns you about. Because if women were warned, the human race would not be growing as quickly. That is a fact.

Little Girl’s “Tired Mom” Halloween Costume Is Total Perfection

"My friend's daughter dressed up as a mom for Halloween. I'm dead. This is the best costume I've ever seen."

‘Everyone’s Life is Valuable’: Ashton Kutcher Shares Powerful Pro-Life Video

Joining the ranks of those speaking out against abortion this week is none other than actor and human rights advocate, Ashton Kutcher.