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Why We Stopped Going House to House for the Holidays

We hit a breaking point. We were so tired of rushing from house to house; we had truly begun to dread holidays. It was time to make a change for our family.

WATCH: Hobby Lobby Lights Up Mom Hearts With Viral Christmas Ad

Has Hobby Lobby entered the world of emotionally persuasive holiday short-form cinema? It would certainly seem so! And their Christmas ad effort is 100% geared toward what is undoubtedly their most loyal customer: busy (exhausted, out-of-time) moms.

“This Christmas I Want Food”: What These Foster Kids Want For Christmas Is Heartbreaking

None of them asked for this year’s hottest toy, or another video game to add to their collection. No, the children who filled out these tags listed their “innermost dreams”—things that should be part of everyone’s childhood.

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“Check on Your Strong Friend. She’s Faking It.”

'You forgot to check on me. Did you feel that in your gut? Stop. This is not about guilt. I know that feeling all too well.'

Why Our Kids Are So Bored at School, Easily Frustrated, & Have No Real Friends

"Today’s children come to school emotionally unavailable for learning, and there are many factors in our modern lifestyle that contribute to this."

“You Will Be Excluded. You’ll Be Too Much for Some People. It Will Hurt”: Sister, ‘Be a Light’ in Spite of the Pain of...

"No matter how nice your pictures are, or how important the things you post are...some people just won't hit the like button. Because it's you. Post anyway. Share your pictures. And, your stories. They put a smile on someone's face."

‘I Was Scared to Post This Photo. This Is What’s Right for Me. Friends, 6 Feet of Space, & Fresh Air. That Driveway Meet-up...

As this world re-opens, people may do things that stir up a lot of feelings in us. And I get it, one careless act can affect many when it comes to corona. But just remember, the vast majority are doing their best.

“Hey Friend, I’m Coming Over. Please Don’t Clean Up. Don’t Dress Up. Please Just BE.”

"So, get ready to answer your freakin’ door, and you better not be wearing anything other than leggings, a messy pony, yesterday’s make-up, compassion and grace."

The Importance of Having Mom Friends in Every Stage of Life

Take that step, mama…Reach out to that friend, get together and share your heart about life. Share the good and the bad. You will go back to your family even more refreshed, more joyful, and feeling more balanced than you ever could trying to hold all of those “hats” equally!

‘Sometimes I’m a Bad Friend. Let’s Be Honest—Sometimes You Are Too. I’m Not Saying It’s OK, But Have Some Friggin Grace for Each Other.’

"Sometimes, something just gets dropped, because we are all just ordinary people. No Wonder Women here, just women scratching their un-washed top knots, wondering how in the world they’re going to possibly get it all done."

‘We Need to Pray for Stephanie. Her Marriage Is on the Rocks. Any Tidbit I Shared Was Leaked into the Community…’

"A few months into new motherhood, I learned the hard reality that mean girls still exist—they just become mommies too... But the good news is: we are allowed to excuse ourselves from the table. Isn’t that freeing? No permission slip necessary. Just get up."