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Carrie Underwood Unveiled: The Power of Christian Faith in Her Chart-Topping Hits

Explore the journey of Carrie Underwood as a Christian artist, blending her deep faith with her musical talent to inspire a generation. Discover how her songs of faith, hope, and love transcend boundaries, making her a beacon of Christian artistry in contemporary music.

From the Heartland to Hollywood: The Roots of America’s Favorite Christian Comedians

Discover the diverse origins of beloved Christian comedians like Chonda Pierce, Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., and others. Explore how their hometowns from the Midwest to the South have shaped their unique comedic voices, offering humor that resonates with family values and faith.

Embracing Your Identity: Thriving as a Daughter of the King Amidst the Chaos of Modern Life

Discover how to thrive in modern life by embracing your identity as a Daughter of the King. Find strength, purpose, and peace amidst the chaos with timeless wisdom and practical insights.

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16-Yr-Old Bolts Across Blood-Soaked Floor, Tackles Man Kidnapping 3 Kids in Sex Trafficking Scheme

"I heard someone screaming from across the street, a woman with a baby running away from this guy. I just knew something was wrong."

Jackie Hill Perry on Ravi Zacharias’ Legacy: ‘Giftedness Will Never Translate to Godliness’

Recently, a full report detailing years of sexual misconduct, including an accusation of rape by apologist Ravi Zacharias was released on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

“We Heard the Father Scream”: Dad Drops 2-Month-Old and Toddler From Second-Story Window, Hero Catches Them in His Arms

"We heard the father scream -- like a scream we have never heard before. When we heard that, we ran over as soon as possible."

Chick-fil-A Worker Sees 6-Yr-Old Choking in Car, Jumps Out Drive-Thru Window to Cut His Seatbelt Off

“You could see he was turning red and losing pigmentation in his face."

Colorado School Shooter Shuts Classroom Door and Pulls Gun—Then Teen “Lunges” at Him, Sacrificing Himself for His Friends

"The next thing I know he’s pulling a gun and he’s telling nobody to move, and that’s when Kendrick lunged at him and he shot Kendrick, giving all of us enough time to get underneath our desks to get ourselves safe and to run across the room to escape."