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Chick-fil-A Summer Skills Camp Stirs Up Controversy With People Calling it “Child Labor”

A Chick-fil-A Summer Camp has sparked a lively debate about teaching children life skills through blue collar jobs. While some view it as an innovative educational opportunity, others see it as a controversial initiative that treads close to child labor.

10 Team USA Athletes to Watch in the 2024 Olympic Games

Here are 10 standout athletes to watch as the 2024 Olympic games draw near, each bringing their unique talents and stories to the grand stage.

12-Year-Old Girl Dies by Suicide After Being Relentlessly Bullied and Harassed at School

After facing relentless bullying and harassment over the past school year, 12-year-old Flora Martinez ended her life on May 7. Now, her parents are demanding change from schools and administrators after the bullying persisted, even once she was gone.

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It Only Took One Time: 1 Minute After It Entered My System, “I Was Dead”

"That’s what people don’t understand about this drug. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it, all it takes is that ONE time, and your life is over."

The Last Thing He Said to Me Was, “I’m Ok Mom, I Love You Too:” Mom Warns Parents After Son’s Tragic Death

"Kids are DYING, and people are too afraid to be honest even in obituaries...Please use my son’s story. Please help me warn parents this is out there. Please, please, please. It’s all I can do now."

What I Need You to Know About My Heroin Addict

"Maybe we should all remember, whatever state they’re in today, there is a mom somewhere, with knees bleeding from prayers, that just wants her baby back."

“Ever Want to Yell at God? If You’re So Amighty, Give Her Back!!”: Grieving Mom Writes Heartbreaking Post About Daughter’s ‘One Last High’

"It led me to sleeping on her grave so she didn’t have to be alone, contemplating suicide so I could hold her hand on her way to heaven."

I Thought I Could Love My Son Through His Addiction

I knew Matt loved me and I assumed that I could “love him through it.” But unfortunately, love is not the antidote to addiction.

“That ‘One Last High’ Led to Me Sleeping on Her Grave So She Didn’t Have to Be Alone, Contemplating Suicide So I Could Hold...

"That one last high led me to a room, brain in a fog, staring at caskets trying to decide which one my little girl should be buried in. That one last high led to writing an obituary, planning a funeral and a house full of flowers from grieving friends and family."

From the Mom of a Heroin Addict: “I’m Not Asking for Answers or Cures. I’m Asking to Be Seen and Heard.”

"You can’t imagine how I’ve suffered because frankly, there are no words to describe the depth and darkness of my nightmare."

What God Would Say to the Addict: “You Are Not an Addict”

"If your son is addicted to heroin, he doesn’t suddenly become “not” your son. He’s not an addict. He’s your son who has a problem with addiction."