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Candace Cameron Bure Celebrates 28 Years of Marriage With Sweet Instagram Post

Candace Cameron Bure took to Instagram over the weekend with a walk down memory lane as she celebrated 28 years with husband, Valeri Bure.

Who is Dylan Beard? Walmart Employee Shocks the Competition, Sets Sights on Paris 2024

When Dylan Beard showed up at the Millrose Games at The Armory in New York City in February, no one knew who he was. 7.44 seconds later, he became the third fastest hurdler in the world. When it was over, he returned to his day job at the Walmart deli counter in Wake Forest, NC.

WATCH: Mom Catches Adorable Moment Twin Babies “Meet” Each Other for the First Time

A pair of twin babies are making the internet swoon this week after a video captured by their mom shows the heartwarming moment the two brothers “met” each other for the first time. 

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Jarrid Wilson’s Message About Fear Before He Died Is What Everybody Needs to Hear in an Era of Panic

"Regardless of what you want to do or who you are, fear will always see you as wholly unqualified for anything you ever dream or attempt.”

The Truth About Jarrid Wilson’s Suicide (From a Christian Who’s Put a Gun to His Own Head)

As a Christian who has also struggled with depression to the point of putting a gun to my head at age 21, I am bewildered and bemoaning the loss of his life. Unfortunately, this tragic loss is a harsh reality of depression yet a beautiful reminder that Jesus is greater still. 

Devastated Wife Breaks Silence After Young Pastor Dies by Suicide: “Suicide Doesn’t Get the Last Word. Jesus Does.”

"No more pain, my jerry, no more struggle. You are made complete and you are finally free. Suicide and depression fed you the worst lies, but you knew the truth of Jesus and I know you’re by his side right this very second."

Pastor Finds Wallet With $600—Instead of Putting It in Lost & Found, His Wife Gets a “Weird” Idea

“Both my wife and I realized very quickly that this $600 could be the make or break for someone’s rent, car payment, food or many other things we need in life. It’s not a small sum of money no matter who you are.”