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Jalen Hurts Donates $200,000 to Install New Air Conditioning Units in Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has made a remarkable impact off the field with his recent donation to local Philadelphia schools

We Are Living in a “Silent Depression”: Why Everything Feels So Expensive in 2024

By comparing household income and cost of living during the Great Depression with today’s economic conditions, we can see just how much of a toll the Silent Depression is having on this generation.

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Christian NFL Star Places Full-Page Ad in Hometown Newspaper With Request to Local Churches

After garnering widespread attention for his selfless act, Norman has deflected all credit for his generous gesture, insisting he was simply being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

“Reborn in JESUS Name!!”: Philadelphia Eagles Baptize Teammate in Hotel Pool While Bowing in Prayer

“First time being Baptized! Corporate Worship is a beautiful thing!! Cleansed & Reborn in JESUS name!!”

Farmer Fires Back at NFL Protest by Plowing 6-Word Message in Bean Field

“A lot of people died over our flag. We’re able to voice our opinion because of it. If you’re going to show respect for anything, do it for the national anthem.”