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Pennsylvania Parents Drown After Getting Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing with Their Six Children

A Pennsylvania couple's family vacation in Hutchinson Island, Florida, turned into a heartbreaking tragedy when the parents drowned after being caught in a rip current.

Stanford University Dean Says “Over Parenting” Is Ruining Your Kids

It's an epidemic that's influencing an entire generation of children.

Lilly King Gets Engaged Poolside After Qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

American swimmer Lilly King celebrated not just one, but two monumental achievements poolside Thursday night. After qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics, King was surprised with a romantic proposal from her boyfriend, James Wells.

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Struggling Mom Carries Baby With Poopy Diaper on Plane—Then a Man in 1st Class Sends Her a Message

"My mind races. What have I forgotten? What did we do wrong? Am I losing my seat? Is someone complaining already?... My mind immediately throttles to hyper-drive."

Struggling Mom Gets Eye Rolls from Everyone on Plane as Her Twin Babies Scream—Then a Stranger’s Kindness Changes Everything

"I couldn’t walk around with a sign that said, ‘Flying alone with twins to say goodbye to my dying father while also leaving behind my other two daughters.’"

“We Are Switching Seats. Now. I’m Not Putting Up With That”: Man Calls Mom “Smelly Fatty,” Stranger Forces Bully to Switch Seats

"His phone was maybe 12 inches from my face and he proceeded to text someone that he was sitting next to 'a smelly fatty.' Before I knew it, I could feel hot, salty tears coming down my face."

Plane Passengers Call Woman “Meth Head” & “Drug Addict”—Then a Stranger Crosses the Aisle to Do Something Beautiful

As she got closer, I heard other passengers comment things like “Meth Head”, “Drug Addict”, “Tweeker.”

Man Overhears Teacher’s Conversation on Plane—Then He Taps Her Shoulder & Slips Her a Surprise That Leaves Her in Tears

"I started crying on the plane... I was not telling my story to solicit money, and never intended to walk out of that flight with anything other than my carry on."

Fat-Shamed Woman on Flight Praises ‘Hero’ Who Made Bully Switch Seats

"I could feel hot, salty tears coming down my face. I sat and cried silently... I was scrunching myself up against the wall as far as I could. All of a sudden, someone from behind us taps on the guy’s shoulder..."