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Why Do We Celebrate Anxiety?

We make funny memes about how the Holiday Season has us freaking out, and we laugh and laugh. Meanwhile our hearts are hurting. We end up on the other side of January wondering where the joy went, why it can’t be like it was when we were a child.

“God’s Timing Is Always Perfect”: NFL Player Carson Wentz On New Baby and New Contract

After signing a new contract with the Los Angeles Rams earlier in the week, Carson Wentz and wife Madison welcomed their third baby girl, Hayes Emersyn, on Friday November 10th.

Travis Kelce Wows Moms By Understanding Their “Mental Load”

Two-time Super Bowl champ and Kansas City Chiefs all-time leading receiver Travis Kelce, also known as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, is wowing women - specifically moms - for a new reason this week.

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Why Beyoncé’s Babies Aren’t “Fetuses”

"The same mass of tissues and cells cannot simultaneously be a non-human fetus and a beautiful baby boy or girl."

Dear Christians: “Death Does Not Begin on an Abortion Table”

This is not just a political issue. This is not just a government issue. This is a personal, spiritual issue, and it affects every one of us.

Teen Destroys ‘Teen Vogue’ With Powerful Response to Their “Post-Abortion Gift Guide”

"Since I'm a teen, this was directed towards me—and I would like to respond."

Tim Tebow’s Mom Saved This Baby’s Life

“You need to have an abortion, you can’t have the baby,” he told her. “I can’t have another kid, I’ll kill myself.”