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12-Year-Old Girl Dies by Suicide After Being Relentlessly Bullied and Harassed at School

After facing relentless bullying and harassment over the past school year, 12-year-old Flora Martinez ended her life on May 7. Now, her parents are demanding change from schools and administrators after the bullying persisted, even once she was gone.

One Year After 26-Year-Old Wife Dies of Cancer, Husband Finds Redeeming Love After Loss With Young Widow

After his wife Maddy died of cancer at just 26 years old, Chandler David Smith was left grieving an unimaginable loss and navigating what it looked like to be a single dad. In his grief, he found new and beautiful love with a young widow and mother of three.

Florida ‘Safe Haven’ Baby Graduates High School, Reunites With Firefighters Who Received Her 18 Years Ago

Eighteen years ago, when she was just one day old, a baby named Colleen was surrendered at a “Safe Haven” box in Clermont, Florida. Now, as she successfully graduates high school, Colleen is reuniting with the firefighters who were with her on that fateful day 18 years ago.

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Dear Overthinker, Satan Would Do Anything to Stop You From Reading This Message

"The Lord spoke clearly and strongly to my heart, and if you’re an overthinker too then these words are probably for you too."

8 Lies Satan Whispers to You About Your Marriage

"I didn’t feel close to my husband, or perhaps I felt that we weren’t in love anymore- that all of my foundations were crumbling under my feet. I knew that I was in a delicate state emotionally and I knew that I was under attack. Satan sees Christians in their weak moments and pounces."

The Devil Will Use Christians to Discourage You

It’s not in the strip clubs, bars, or prisons where you would see the greatest battle for good, if you could see in the spiritual realm. My husband is fond of saying, “if you’re looking for the devil, don’t try the home of sinners. Look in the church instead.”

Dear “Daughter of Satan”

"Many fellow believers have disagreed with me lately, by calling into question my Christianity. But do you know who has never questioned it? The lost."

Satan Would Do Anything to Stop Your Husband From Reading This Letter

"So, everyone, pay attention, and commit these tasks to memory. This is how we gain finality over fidelity."--Satan

Satan Is Trying to Steal Your Family. It’s Time You Fight Back.

Satan wants us tired, worn thin, and stressed. He wants us in debt up to our eyeballs, and our health failing because we can’t sleep enough, eat right, or handle our stress effectively. He wants us busy, but not productive. He wants our plates full, but our tank empty. We're not even trying to take a stand. This is hard stuff to think about. It’s taking everything we’ve called "normal" over the past few decades or more and realizing that it’s actually destroying the family unit.

How Satan Is Stealing Your Marriage Without You Even Noticing

We have to stop handing the enemy our family on a golden platter. We have to take back what God has given us. We have to open our eyes to the gift of our spouse, just as God made them, and stop trying to make them into someone else.

When Satan Steals Your Motherhood

Motherhood is a gift from God that Satan will gladly suck the joy out of at every opportunity. Let's stop the Liar in his tracks.