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Inspirational Joy of God Quotes Bring Light to Dark Times

Modern life is almost always busy, and it's oftentimes...

When God Removes Someone From Your Life

In our life's journey, we form relationships with individuals...

Jennifer Garner’s Guiding Light: Exploring the Impact of Faith on Her Life and Career

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15 Bible Verse Tattoos to Make a Lasting Mark on Your Life

Tattoos have been around for centuries — dating back to 5000 BC. And, the reasons people choose to get a tattoo range from honoring...

5 Comforting Verses to Pray When You’re Weak & Overwhelmed

"We aren’t supposed to do things using sheer will power. Sooner or later, we will just lose steam. Tonight, I have lost steam. The tears are on the brink of falling, and I just want to curl up under my blankets. Things feel too overwhelming and complicated."

10 Bible Verses About Death That Will Give Hope to the Grieving

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

12 Scriptural Truths to Speak Life Over Your Children

The Bible says that “death and life are in the power of the tongue,” and we can powerfully impact our children’s lives and futures by the words we say — positively OR negatively.

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce?

The Bible tells us a lot about what to expect, and how to face trials in this life. Jesus himself walked this earth and spoke very clear instructions on what is good and righteous.

Faith Over Fear: 5 Promises From God

"God knew we were going to be running around freaking out a good majority of our lives. He tells us what to do instead."

9 Bible Verses About Depression – 9 Verses That Will Help Get You Through

Now, one thing that’s really important to note as you read these verses. You probably won’t FEEL any different... but as you read these, thank God that they're true, regardless of what you feel.

Alyssa Milano Uses Bible Verse to Support Abortion— Twitter Slays Her With Their Own Scripture

"Show me the place in the Bible, chick, where it says anything about Jesus being pro-murdering children."