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12 Little-Known Facts About Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge’s Enduring Popularity

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has charmed the world with her grace, style, and unwavering commitment to her royal duties. Here, we look at what people have fallen in love with.

Teen Kicked Out of Christian School for Performing in Venues that Serve Alcohol

Bailey Griggs, a promising young singer-songwriter, from Cramerton Christian Academy in North Carolina was recently expelled from her senior year after the school learned that she was performing in venues that serve alcohol.

Grandma Sees Man on News—Suddenly, She Knows Where She Saw That “Small Dark-Haired” Boy 30 Yrs Ago

"The first time I saw it, I just couldn’t hardly believe it..."

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On a Scale of 1 to .08, Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin? The Answer May Surprise You.

Is there a certain number of cocktails God uses to dictate whether or not you've "crossed the line."

When Your Husband’s a Pharisee

"After a year of fighting, we were both sick of our marriage. Both of us had said, 'I don’t believe in divorce, but if I did . . .'"

Why I Had a Married Gay Couple Over for Dinner, And I Didn’t Point Out Their Sin

"They are intelligent, vibrant and attractive people. They are not Christians, but they are aware of both my faith and my different views of homosexuality. But they also know I put my relationship with them over my beliefs."

How to Fight Anger in Motherhood

When I seek to punish or control my kids with harsh words just because they aren’t behaving exactly the way I want, I need to call my response what it is. It’s not a bad day. It’s not a mom fail. It’s not a joke. It’s sin.

When the Wages of Sin Are a Baby

Her weeping came ahead of her presence, causing my heart to pound. As a mom of three, it wasn’t the first time a crying child had entered our bedroom hours after we thought they’d gone to sleep.

Confessions of a “Just OK” Christian

"I plan to teach my children to abstain from sex until marriage, but I sure hope they never ask if I did. I don’t want to tell my daughters I slept with more men than I can even count..."

A Strip Club, a Mormon Church, and a Gay Wedding Walk Into a Bar

"If you’re gay, I would LOVE to be friends with you. Come on over for dinner. Meet the fam. Bring your partner. This probably confuses you, but that’s okay."

Dear Church, Tolerating Sin Isn’t Love. But This Is…

"So if true love speaks the truth as given in God’s word, and as believers we are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves, then isn’t it a given that to love is to share what we have been given openly and honesty? Wouldn’t holding that back be the opposite of love?"