On a Scale of 1 to .08, Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin? The Answer May Shock You.

So, the million-dollar question from Christian beer-lovers everywhere: Is drinking alcohol a sin?

It’s one of those touchy questions that Christians often get hung up on because it’s not black and white in the Bible. You actually have to read the shades of gray…and I’m not talking about the blurry shades of color that come from bonging 6 beers in a row.

Of course there are many instances in Scripture where Jesus shares wine around the table with friends. Heck, he even turned water into wine. Butttt, that’s not our free-for-all card to drink as lavishly as we please.

The Bible makes it clear that drunkenness is a sin, but that’s not the only thing we must consider. If we are in a situation where we’re with somebody who struggles with alcoholism, it can be wrong to have even one drink if that would tempt a fellow brother to fall into sin.

But it’s important to note that God gives us guidelines on consumption not out of legalism, but out of love. There’s not a certain number of cocktails He uses to dictate whether or not you’ve “crossed the line.” It is up to us to use wisdom in how we personally should (or should not) indulge in alcohol in order to best serve Him, our own bodies, and those around us.

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Watch as Jefferson Bethke unfolds the best way to read into those “shades” of gray:

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