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Faith and Excellence: Katie Ledecky’s Path to the Paris 2024 Olympics

As one of the most decorated female swimmers in history, Katie Ledecky's career has been a testament to her relentless dedication, exceptional talent, and unwavering faith.

13 Social Media Influencers to Follow to Bring Light and Life to Your Feed

Whether you're looking to be inspired, have a laugh, or feel like you're chatting with your best friend, each of these social media influencers have a load of great content to offer. 

20 Facts About the Olympics You Should Know Before the Games Begin

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Dad’s Heartbreaking Photo Goes Viral After Son Writes These 2 Words on School Project

After seeing his son’s heartbreaking response on a school project, Bob Cornelius shared an important plea for all parents that went viral.

“THIS BOY! I Was Teary”: Mom Writes Facebook Message Asking Someone to Take Her Daughter To Prom, Teen Boy Steps Up as Her Prince...

"Izzie is non-verbal, wheelchair bound, on a feeding tube, and mostly uncommunicative. However, there were a few times when her eyes met Carson’s and she lit up like the 4th of July... and, well, so did he!"

My Sister Was Intentionally Left Out of Her High School Yearbook Because She Has Special Needs

"Today, my younger sister received her high school yearbook and was not in it. She didn’t miss picture day or ask for her picture not to be included. Imagine the heartbreak my mother felt having to explain to my sister why she wasn’t in the yearbook."

“He Panics. The Meltdown Begins”: When Your Child Is Terrified of Church

"No matter what he chooses, when church is over, he is exhausted and anxious. He makes his way back through the crowded lobby and the smells and the people touching him and the kids playing. He panics. The meltdown begins."

An a Apology Letter From a Special Needs Mom

"We grow weary of explaining. Explaining that we still really want to feel included, but we may often have to turn down the invitation."

Dear Kids, I’m Not Sorry Your Brother Has Special Needs

When I first received the Down syndrome diagnosis for your brother, the first coherent thought I had was, “Poor him”, which quickly turned to “poor you.” I exited the present and started living in your futures.

Disabled Son Is Kicked Out of ‘Dumbo’ Movie for Giggling—Mom Begs You to Share Her Story

"When we exited the movie I was so angry I cried and I don’t think I have cried so hard in a very long time... Please pass this on I want people to know what happened. This was horrible."