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Jill Duggar Dillard Suffers Pregnancy Loss, Announces Stillbirth of First Daughter

Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derrick Dillard are grieving this week after suffering a heartbreaking pregnancy loss. The couple announced Saturday the stillbirth of their daughter, Isla Marie Dillard.

Stranger Takes Photo of Family at Disney—Then He Promises He’s Not “Creepy” & Makes 1 Heartbreaking Request

"Several minutes later the same man who had just taken our picture walked up to us, in tears, and asked if we had a moment. He promised he wasn't creepy and introduced himself as Scott and his wife as Sally."

Beyond ‘Sorry for Your Loss’: 14 Meaningful Ways to Express Condolences

Explore heartfelt and unique ways to say 'sorry for your loss' with our guide. Learn how to offer condolences that truly resonate, including personalized expressions of sympathy and thoughtful gestures to support those grieving.

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10 Ways to Stop Ruining Your Kids’ Work Ethic

"The bad news is that kids’ work ethic is in a crisis and we, parents, have a lot to do with it... Why are we misleading our children? We are telling our kids a fairy tale."

Boss Snaps Picture of Mom & Baby at Work, Makes Surprising Comment That Goes Viral Overnight

"This picture was snapped by my boss in the middle of a work day at the office."

A Generation That Hates Mondays

"So why do we hate Mondays? Perhaps it’s because we’re uncomfortable. We’re uncomfortable living a life that fights for dreams we didn’t dream. Instead, we’re working for dreams that society created for us."

‘The 11 Stages Of A Work Day Told By Babies’ Is Hilariously on Point

Let's be honest. Getting through the work day can be ROUGH—especially if you got a bad case of the Mondays. But no fear, babies are here to animate the oh-so-real struggle that is getting through your 9 to 5.