With the Bill Stalled in the House, This ‘Daylight Savings’ Movie Trailer Hilariously Captures Our Stress


Spring forward. Fall back. Daylight Savings Time helps the farmers. We’ve heard it all—and if you’re like me, we’re all still terribly confused. And, there’s the hope of a new bill, currently stalled in the House, proposing to keep Daylight Savings Time the same throughout the year.

It’s that time again to set our clocks back an hour early Sunday morning (or late Saturday night), so we’re not all late to church Sunday morning.

For Now, the ‘Daylight Savings’ Movie Trailer Gives Us a Much-Needed Laugh

This satirically suspenseful movie trailer captures all the feels surrounding Daylight Savings Time.

The opening scene shows a man showing up for work at an empty office building. The custodian says, “You’re here early.” The man replies, “I thought I was late.” “Check again,” the custodian warns.

Watch the full movie trailer.

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The parody trailer goes on to depict the confusion of how gaining an hour actually exposes us to more darkness. One man invites “Tina” to join him in a land where Daylight Savings Time doesn’t exist. She looks confused, and he explains they’re headed to Arizona.

In another scene, a couple is working together to reset the clock on their TV. And, the process is much more complicated than it should be.

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