With the Bill Stalled in the House, This ‘Daylight Savings’ Movie Trailer Hilariously Captures Our Stress


With more than 17,000 reactions and nearly a thousand comments, watchers have chimed in. Here’s what many had to say:

“I NEVER get sick of this. I watch it every time that the time changes and always laugh out loud. I share this with everyone over and over. Thank you so much for this …can’t wait for the movie ;)”

“I want to see a full length movie made about this, with 20+ minute techno babble dialogue, 2 cent drama, Captain Kirk style fight scenes, and Sean Bean.”

“People who sniff disdainfully at “parody and put-ons” don’t GET it how dead right-on some of these can be. And also, you have to know the genre back, front and inside out. It is clear to me that these mini-movies are the work of savvy, very sharp artists. Keep ’em coming..guys!”

“This was so on point – I loved it. I lived in that place called Arizona for five years and I absolutely loved not having to adjust my clocks twice a year.”

“Setting your clocks back an hour when it’s not automatically done is seriously a nightmare. I totally relate to the end scene… I have to push like 500 buttons on my watch and other tech. to figure out how to do it. D:”

“Should’ve won the Oscar…”

A Bill, Currently Stalled in the House, Proposes to Keep Daylight Savings Year-Round

There’s strong support for the bill introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. Based on research, the bill is said to reduce crime, provide health benefits, and encourage kids of all ages to play more outside in the evenings.

Countless studies have been done, including one from 2019 that found cases of heart attacks increased the week following changing clocks.

Though, sleep experts chime in on the other side. In their view, it’s ideal for the sun to reach its highest point at 12:00 noon. Ah, “high noon” as the old Westerns call it.

It’s actually ‘Daylight Saving,’ not ‘Daylight Savings” and other historical tidbits

Yep, the true name is “Daylight Savings Time” (DST).

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First introduced in 1908 in Canada, Daylight Savings Time saved energy and made better use of daylight.

The United States caught up and introduced Daylight Savings Time in 1918, though the bill was repealed just seven months later. During World War II, President Roosevelt re-introduced Daylight Savings Time and called it “War Time.”

Currently, Daylight Savings Time is used in more than 70 countries worldwide. In the United States, Daylight Savings Time begins the second Sunday in March and runs through the first Sunday in November.

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