Three Kids Travel Home for Their Father’s Funeral, but They Walk Into a Heart-Pounding Discovery

Sometimes the busy rush of life, and our penchant for overcommitting, can blind us to what really matters. This viral video by Edeka, a German supermarket corporation, is a powerful reminder on the importance of making time for family.

Here’s the breakdown:

In the ad, a lonely father goes to great lengths to teach his family a lesson, and it’s unforgettable. It starts out showing the father’s disappointment when he discovers his kids won’t make it to Christmas again this year. He places the photographs of his kids and grandkids on the mantle and goes about making a Christmas dinner for one.


In the next scene we see his busy kids, grown up with careers and families, receiving the sad news—their father has passed away. The sadness and regret on their faces tells a long story. They missed out on so much because they didn’t make time for family.


Next, all the children and grandchildren arrive at their father’s house before the memorial. They’re dressed in black, mourning the loss of their beloved father and grandfather.

And then the unthinkable happens. The father peers at them through the kitchen. He’s alive! He staged the whole encounter to bring them together and teach them a lesson about life they’ll never forget.

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Once they get past the shock of seeing their father, they gather around the table and share smiles, laughs and food—recapturing the beauty of family life.


It’s an emotional parable on the value of family, and a special reminder to focus on what matters most this season (and every season)—loving others deeply and making time for them in our lives.