Three Kids Travel Home for Their Father’s Funeral, but They Walk Into a Heart-Pounding Discovery

And then the unthinkable happens. The father peers at them through the kitchen. He’s alive! He staged the whole encounter to bring them together and teach them a lesson about life they’ll never forget.

Once they get past the shock of seeing their father, they gather around the table and share smiles, laughs and food—recapturing the beauty of family life.


It’s an emotional parable on the value of family, and a special reminder to focus on what matters most this season (and every season)—loving others deeply and making time for them in our lives.

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With nearly 70 million views and more than 350,000 reactions, the video has gone globally viral. People from around the world have chimed in (mostly in German) about their reactions, their own families, and any changes they’re making this year.

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“Over the years I have seen this commercial at least four times. Each and every time I am brought to tears by it’s uncanny ability to describe perfectly the modern family. We all lose sight of what is important in life in our search for some future happiness. Who has not depended on email, text messages or voice mail to stand in for hugging, smiling, laughing and crying in person? This commercial message deserves to have won whatever annual competition Germany has, it is a masterpiece of concept and execution.”

“Wonderfully powerful 😢 Our elders are our greatest treasure, and when they pass on, we miss all of their stories, wisdom, and experiences. If your elders are already gone, befriend someone else who has no one. Often the elderly have no one to visit, and no one to call and talk to. The best way to make a friend is to be one. Listen and learn.”

“I watch this every year and I am still in floods of tears. This is the most beautiful Christmas ad ever and reminds me that Christmas isn’t about money or presents or getting drunk. It’s about being with the ones we love.”

“well done… all too often life gets the best of us IF we do not put a pause to it, we can miss everything that makes up the life worth living and loving and sharing… holidays significant remind us what makes our lives worth the living; but only if we put a pause to our making a living to actually live it with love shared amongst loved ones…”

What are your plans over the holidays?

Consider spending intentional time with loved ones. And, we get it. Sometimes there are broken relationships and a heap of hurt over the years. Maybe this year, you could make the first move to spend the holidays together.

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